Recent pictures on Thompson Square's official Twitter page had fans wondering about the health of Shawna Thompson. "Hey y'all please pray for Shawna," a tweet from Wednesday afternoon reads. An earlier tweet reveals a banged up and bruised Keifer Thompson.

However, despite the concerning messages, it appears the married country duo are just fine. They later shared:


Presumably, the married duo is working on the video for their new single 'If I Didn't Have You' -- no one was seriously injured. The song is the lead single from their sophomore album, which is expected later this year. In fact, a message from last week indicates that the album is finished. Of course after today's shenanigans, one could be understandably hesitant to believe what T2 tweets.

"Hey y'all I totally intended on posting those pics closer together but we got busy shooting. sorry if I scared anyone. we love y'all," Keifer wrote a few hours after the scary photos were posted, hoping to diffuse some of the heat from their worried fanbase.

Thompson Square spent an afternoon rehearsing for the Dirt Road Diaries Tour with Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line earlier in the week. They're set to hit the road soon for a show in Evansville, Ind. on Thursday (Jan. 17), which will be followed by shows Friday and Saturday night Alabama and Mississippi.

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