I saw this on a friend's Facebook post today:

30 days hath September,
April, June and November,
all the rest have 31,
except for 2020 which has 5,328.

If that doesn't just about sum things up - I don't know what does!

There's been so much craziness associated with 2020. The latest headline grabber has been the wildfires that have ravaged California, Oregon, and Washington. My sister lives in Washington and last week she was sending me some pretty frightening videos from near where she lives. Houses within three miles of her were forced to evacuate.

Missoula saw the smoke blow in over the weekend. The haze has it so you can barely see the mountains that make up our daily views. I was coming in on a flight last night and as we were getting closer to the airport you couldn't see the ground from the air like you do on a typical flight. There was nothing to see but smoke until just barely a bit  before landing. And when I got to my car in the parking lot I could see the ash that had collected on it.

Well, so may people from different areas are fed up with the smoke that it's come to this. Facebook has an event page encouraging people to Throw Rocks at the Smoke to Make it Go Away 2020. Yep, it's just what it sounds like......if everyone throws rocks at the smoke, perhaps it will make the smoke decide to go away. Of course, it's a sarcastic take on the situation we're facing but it made me chuckle as I was reading through the details.

If we all join together as a dedicated community, we can throw enough rocks to make the smoke sad and leave.

Throw your rocks North (towards Canada). Eventually Canada, containing all the smoke, will politely ask the smoke to leave, thus, solving the issue.

Essentially, Americans bullying the smoke, mentally deteriorating it into its weakest point, Canada's part is to deliver the final blow and make the smoke leave for good.

A tip of the cap to whoever created the event. It looks like it allowed people to have a little fun for a bit.

Here's a few comments that people posted on the event page:

**I don’t know much about science but this seems like it might not work....I’ll bring a very BIG rock I don’t think small rocks will do it.
**My brave pet rock Fenton will be ready for battle tomorrow.
**I live about 30 minutes south of the Canadian border!! Super excited to be on the frontlines for such a good cause.
**Will there be virtual participation for those who are not physically able to throw rocks?
**This conflicts with Throw rocks at Covid-19 2020.

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