I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you griped about at least ONE of these five minor Missoula annoyances. And I say 'minor', because really they are. And I say 'assume' because...well, I am assumptious. Still, it's stuff locals really need to stop complaining about immediately.

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    I want to throw my computer out the window when I see someone on Facebook or Twitter gripe about Reserve Street traffic. Just...don't...go...there. And I don't mean don't go down Reserve, just don't bring up the traffic congestion. You want to complain about traffic? Go to Seattle or Los Angeles.

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    Out of towners

    The way I see it? Missoula is like one big Tupperware bowl, and locals are the Cheerios. The more we sit in the milk, the soggier we get. But what if we add in some other flavors of cereal, .ie out-of-towners? It's keeps things fresh, not so stale, and frankly, more flavorful.

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    The old saying goes "don't like the Montana weather? Wait 15 minutes." Kind of a curse, but more of a blessing, in my humble opinion. Unlike most other states, we actually have four full seasons. OK. Maybe not so FULL, after all, I'm looking outside my window and I'm seeing rain in June. Still, I'm not complaining...

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    Hippies and Hipsters

    I'll be the first to admit fault in this. I used to complain about hipsters. But the truth is, I soon made genuinely good friends in both the hippies and hipster community lately. Beautiful people come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Don't judge a book by its cover is all I am trying to say.

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    Lack of Things to Do

    Enough already! I lived in Polson, and went crazy during the winter time. Talk about a lack of things to do up there, you can't help it when you are that isolated. In Missoula, however, there is more than enough to do for people of all ages. Need proof? See here, here, and here.