Roses that last a whole YEAR?  Sounds too good to be true!

Meet the eternity rose from Venus Et Fleur.......although "eternity" in this case means about a year.  But still, that's about 51 weeks longer than any set of roses I've ever purchased for my wife.  And these aren't really a brand new concept.  They've been around for a couple years.  But I'm just finding out about them with all the Valentine's Day talk out there today.

A visit to the Venus Et Fleur website shows that they aren't exactly cheap.  The cheapest single rose looks like it'll set you back $39 and packages go as high as $399.

The roses are grown on farmland in Ecuador and a special wax solution they apply helps keep their texture, shape, and scent for a year.

Might be something to keep in mind for the next Valentine's Day

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