I came across this list on Thrillist called "13 Regional Breakfast Chains That Should Be Everywhere." And I think to myself, oh, I wonder if there's any from Montana that made the cut. I scan the list, and - to my utter horror - NONE of these supposedly great breakfast chains are anywhere in the state of Montana.

Obviously, this is an outrage, because breakfast is amazing, and we deserve the best. That's why I'm beginning the campaign right now to get all 13 of these places to open up locations in Montana (preferably within a 2-minute driving distance of my house). Biscuitville, you're up. Egg Harbor Cafe, I'm looking at you. I see you hiding, Le Peep, this includes you, too.

Of course, maybe there's a hidden breakfast place in Missoula that's amazing and I just don't know about it yet (I've only lived here about two months after all). So what do you think? Are you ready to join my campaign and make Montana the breakfast capital of the United States?

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