Not exactly shocking that I want to celebrate a day associated with food, but this really something everyone should celebrate it's National Corned Beef Hash Day! Yes, I do love most food but a good Corned Beef Hash is difficult to find. It seems like so often now most restaurants just serve up the canned Corned Beef Hash, while that is still good, a homemade breakfast hash is so much better.

After discussing the topic with some co-workers there were a few restaurants tossed out at having the best Corned Beef Hash in Missoula. Deserving an honorable mention on the list would be The Old Post. The 2nd best Corned Beef Hash would be at Paul's Pancake Parlor, let's be honest everything at Paul's is amazing. But getting the top spot for Corned Beef Hash in Missoula is Ruby's Cafe. It is delicious and a little more crispy which I think sets it apart from the competition.

Where do you think the best Corned Beef Hash around Western Montana is found?


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