There's a new app that may be able to help you avoid getting sick. Sickweather, an app that collects information from Facebook and Twitter, lets you know how many people around you may be sick. The app serves as a Doppler radar for sickness, providing real-time alerts when you enter a sick zone. For those worried about pink eye or whooping cough, Sickweather can prepare hypochondriacs ahead of time. Public posts that complain about being ill or detail a particular sickness like bronchitis or chickenpox are tracked by the service using a patent-pending algorithm, grouping activity down to street level in your area. Reports are color-coded, with illness announcements displayed in different shades based on posts of how long the bug has been around. Users can also connect with friends and family for support, according to the app's website. Linking to Facebook and Twitter allows people to find sick friends, compare symptoms, or share home remedies.

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