We've been fighting through everything the pandemic has thrown our way over these last 10 months. As the days turn from one to the next......we wonder when we'll be able to walk into a store and see another person's face not covered with a mask......and we long for the day we can attend a concert or sporting event. Having our daily world so altered can take a toll on us all. But it's events like this that provide us the courage to go on - the beacon of hope in the distance I refer to, is of course, the return of Girl Scout Cookie season.

Where do your cookie loyalties lie? Do-si-dos, Samoas, Tagalongs? For me, there's nothing like breaking into a sleeve of Thin Mints with the intention of eating just a couple......but then realizing I've powered through all of them. The only question is whether to open up the second sleeve or find the willpower to save some for another setting.

A bit of exciting news is there'll be a new cookie option this year when it comes time to place your delicious order. The Toast-Yay! includes a maple-flavored cookie on top, includes a frosting dip, and promises to be full of French toast flavor.

The details on getting your yearly fix break down as such:

**Online sales for Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming will begin February 5.
**Preorders run from February 5-21.
**Girl Scout booth sales begin March 26.
**Assorted flavors -  $4 a package.
**The Girl Scout Smores and Toffee-tastics - $5 a package.

This is also a pretty cool addition to cookie sales this year - the Girl Scouts are going to partner with Grub Hub for cookie delivery in select cities. Read more about it HERE.

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