You know the great thing about tying flies is there is no real pattern to one certain fly, a lot very and some are created just by imagination. 

This one only happened because I didn't have any other feathers but these ones and some orange zebra style ones.

This one is the exact same style of a woolly bugger. Except I mixed up the feather and added multi speckled chenille.

I should have used silver beads instead of gold but you work with what you have.

You start with your bugger hook, and wrap lead weight around it about ten times, up to the bead which is already on the hook at the end till the eye. Push that lead weight into the end of the bead head.

Start wrapping your thread behind the lead wire and then over it till it's covered. Then go back towards the hook and wrap all the way there. Hang your thread, it should be parallel to the barb.

Then wrap in your tail you've made with an end of the feather and tie that down, then tie in a whole feather that you want to use to wrap around it. Now tie in your chenille (move your thread to the other end) and start wrapping that around the hook away from you.

Tie that down at the front with your thread and then time to do the same thing to the feather that you've left hanging out back. Tie that around the chenille and not too closely but so you can see the fluff of the feather like below.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

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