It's a popular attraction at many outdoor sporting events, including University of Montana football games.

We're talking about the T-shirt gun, where staff members launch shirts into the stands and fans forget their manners and elbow and dive across their neighbors to catch a prize. Good fun.

But we are amazed that someone would have the audacity to try to use one to launch contraband into a prison. Who would possibly notice, right? AP tells us that the Oklahoma Department of Corrections discovered a woman using a T-shirt gun to launch items over a prison fence. Authorities could see things flying through the air and followed the projectile pattern to the woman's car, which contained a launcher and plenty of other evidence.

One container that made it over the fence included cellphones, tobacco, marijuana, methamphetamine and digital scales. It sounds like she tried to send some guns over, too, but they came up short. We doubt she gets any do-overs.

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