Easter is in just 4 days, and every store you enter has Easter candy on the shelf. Some of those candies are delicious and make the holiday more enjoyable. But I do have two Easter specific candies that I just cannot stand. Let's get the bad ones out of the way first. The two Easter candies that I just cannot stand are the Marshmellow Peeps & Cadbury Eggs. I know people are going to yell horrible things at me for saying it but I just don't like the texture or taste of either Peeps or Cadbury Eggs.

Like I said, with the bad, there is always the good candies as well! The candy that makes you smile as soon as you bite into it, and you're hoping shows up in your Easter basket. For me, the two best Easter candies are the Whoppers 'Robin Eggs' and everyone's favorite choice the Reece's Peanut Butter Eggs. YUM!

What are your favorite and least favorite Easter candies?


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