We all know that Halloween is coming up in just a few days which means we need to have our costumes ready, and candy ready for any trick-or-treaters that come by our homes. To prepare for the spooky holiday lots of people turn to a scary movie, and doing so can actually help you burn calories.

A study done by the University of Westminster reveals that watching scary movies can burn up to 200 calories per sitting. It's due to increased heart rates, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output, which were all measured during this study. It also showed that the number of calories burned also increased by the third horror film viewing.

Unfortunately I am not big into horror films so I will have to stick to normal ways to lose weight like going to the gym. But if you want to burn calories on the couch here are the best movies to make that happen.

1. The Shining: 184 calories

2. Jaws: 161 calories

3. The Exorcist: 158 calories

4. Alien: 152 calories

5. Saw: 133 calories

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: 118 calories

7. Paranormal Activity: 111 calories

8. The Blair Witch Project: 107 calories

9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 105 calories


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