Now that it's officially October you're going to see all the Halloween content and spooky stories really ramp up. You'll definitely get your share of pumpkin patches, costumes, and haunted houses. Actually, just today we brought you the following stories: the schedule of horror movies that are playing at The Roxy this month, a Missoula house that goes all out with decorations, and haunted places around Missoula. We might as well keep with the theme and add another one for the day.

Do you like to be spooked?

I'm not a big fan of horror films and haunted houses. I remember going to a haunted house once and getting so turned around in a dark room that I kept circling back to the same person that was scaring people. After about the third time I bumped back into them and couldn't find my way out, they changed from their creepy voice to their regular voice and said, "this way," as they pushed me in the direction I needed to go. So it's safe to say that I won't be visiting any of the places that made the following list of spooky destinations in Montana.

Spooky destinations in Montana has released their list of "150 Spooky Destinations in the USA You Must Visit." They list three places for each state and break down why each one made the list. For Montana, they have the Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana Territorial Prison, and the Phillipsburg Opera House Theatre. If you love a good fright, those are the places that need to be on your radar. Part of what will have you spooked is hearing shots fired and seeing ghostly soldiers at Little Bighorn, seeing the sights and learning about tragic events at the old prison in Deer Lodge, and seeing - as well as being touched by - ghosts at the theatre in Phillipsburg.

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You can just go ahead and put me down for a big NO when it comes to any of that! But if you want to see what makes the list for every state, check out all 150 locations with the article HERE.

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