In this area camping is a common recreation and so with that in mind what are the three essentials to have while camping?

I am outside a lot and this is always a good reminder of a couple essential items to have with you on your next camping trip. These things are not food and water which are very important but those are a given, these are three essential items to help the trip other then what your body needs to survive period.

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    Map, compass or GPS is so important these days, it can not only help you find your way if you are lost it can help you avoid troublesome areas as well.

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    In the heat of summer this may seem like the last thing you want to do, but having layers is very important. It can get really cold at night in the mountains so having a way to warm up is key. Also though having clothes that help with the heat can really be a life saver as well.

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    Sun Protection

    Sunscreen, hat and glasses... sun protection. This is key to help with heat exhaustion.


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