There are so few precious wonders to be seen in this world. The pyramids of Giza. Aurora Borealis. The top of Mount Everest. And of course, the Planters NUTMobile.

Oh, you don't know the Planters NUTMobile? It's a big car that's shaped like a peanut that drives around the country spreading the good word of Planters Peanuts to anyone who wants to come see it. And this week, it's right here in Missoula.

This week, the NUTMobile was spotted driving around the streets of downtown Missoula, and if you're thinking to yourself, "Oh no! I missed the NUTMobile!" - don't worry. It'll still be in town for a few more days.

The NUTMobile is scheduled to make an appearance at Highlander Beer this Sunday, May 16th from 2 PM to 6 PM. Mr. Peanut himself will supposedly be in attendance (though it's unclear whether it's the real Mr. Peanut, Baby Peanut, that 21-year-old Peanut, or any other transformations that he's gone through in the past year, it's a little hard to keep up).

So that's where you're guaranteed to see the NUTMobile this week in town, but it sounds like they'll be driving around surprising people all around Missoula this week, so be on the lookout.

Now, imagine if the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was in Missoula the same week as the NUTMobile was here? Could these two even coexist with each other, or would a turf war break out?

Are you excited to take a picture with Mr. Peanut and see the NUTMobile this week?

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