Look, I'm a simple man: if I see "Free Beer" in a headline, I'm gonna click on it. And if a local brewery is talking about free beer in a Facebook post, you can bet I'm paying attention.

Well hey, that's exactly what's happening! Check this out: Highlander Brewery in Missoula has announced that they're giving people the chance to win a full year of free beer. (Not unlimited beer for the entire year, you'll be limited to one six-pack per week - but hey, that's 312 beers that you won't have to pay for!)

It's all to celebrate Highlander's 6th anniversary, and it seems pretty easy to enter. All you need to do gather a few friends, take a group picture, post it on social media and tag Highlander Beer. The more creative the photo, the better - on July 14th, Highlander will be holding their anniversary party, and they'll have all the photos printed out for people to vote on the winner.

Pretty awesome, right? Plus they'll have other giveaways and live music at the party, which will be taking place from 5 to 8 PM on the 14th - at least one person from your photo has to be at the party for you to be eligible to win.

Think you'll be entering for the chance to win free beer for a year? I'm currently trying to figure out the best group photo for my own entry - no, I'm not sharing my ideas with you! You think I want to blow up my own chances here?

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