Man, it's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here. It seems like it crept up on us, even though 2020 has felt like the longest year of all time. Everyone's Thanksgiving is probably going to be a little more low-key this year - which is likely for good reason, if you check out the map assessing risk for COVID spread in Missoula - but a lot of people are still going to be celebrating the holiday in their own homes.

And for most people, that means you'll need a turkey. Sometimes that can be a struggle, especially for those families who've already been struggling this year thanks to the pandemic. So The Olde Dairy and The Trough here in Missoula are doing something pretty great for the community: they're giving away 200 free turkeys! Anyone who wants one can get one, with no requirements and no questions asked.

People in the comments are excited, and they have good reason to be. Like it says in the post, 2020 has been hard on everybody. But to see this kind of good put out there into the world, and seeing other places around town do their part to make sure people have a good holiday, is super encouraging.

It's looking like my Thanksgiving will probably consist of me and my girlfriend hanging out at the house and watching movies all day - it's a bummer not to see my family, but I'm happy to make the sacrifice if it means I'll get to see them next year. Stay safe out there, and if you are gathering with others this year, please check out the CDC guidelines for the holiday.

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