Who got the honor of the nations best licence plate? The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association has given out the top honor of the best plates.

The ALPCA  is about license plate collecting and research, the exchange of information and plates. As well as preserving the history of states plates and ones of the world. The members picked their three favorite license plates from the United States and Canada.

According to the ALPCA the best licence plate is one that has a Grizzly Bear on it and no it's not California. Although I thought the plate for this state was that of the "last frontier" but I guess not.

The committee chose Alaska, and according to the ALPCA, the current Alaska plate is a redesign of their 1976 plate with the standing "grizzly" bear. "The drawing is actually of an Alaskan brown bear which is larger than but not as aggressive as a traditional mountain grizzly." 

We didn't even get an honorable mention, although our neighbor of North Dakota won second place with the bison licence plate.

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