This past weekend was Savannah's 'Birthday Weekend' as she is turning 30 tomorrow (January 24th). So, she got to decide what we did this weekend, which isn't too different from any other weekend. ;)

She wanted to see a movie, both because there are some good movies out at the box office, and because of the popcorn. Really, how do say no to movie theatre popcorn? Luckily with it being her birthday she still gave me the option on what to see out of two movies she really wanted to check out. The choice was a Ryan Gosling movie or... so I automatically picked the non-Ryan Gosling movie. It was Hidden Figures.

The movie, Hidden Figures is about three African American women who work at NASA who have to work their tails off while dealing with racism to help get US astronauts into space.

I don't want to give too much of the movie away, let's just say, my wife picks out much better movies than I do when we are going to the Carmike. If you're looking for a movie to see in the next few weeks, you will not be disappointed with 'Hidden Figures'.

  • EXTRA!

    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!

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