Have you ever stopped by The Giggle Box at the Southgate Mall? I finally made it there a few months ago, and was amazed at how cool it was - they're Montana's first interactive art museum, and there are so many cool exhibits and different stuff to experience there.

But, it was always planned as a limited-time thing - they opened back in March with the intention of only being at the mall for a few months... and then COVID hit, and it took them a few months to reopen again. So the NEW plan was to keep it going through December, and it seemed like that would be it.

But good news! Looks like we'll have the Giggle Box in town for a little while longer, as they've announced on their Facebook page that they've extended their lease at the Southgate Mall through March!

It also looks like they're going to be adding some new stuff to the museum too, so it's probably worth the return trip if you've already been there. And if you haven't, you've been granted an extra chance to check it out!

I know I'm probably going to stop by again to see the new exhibits before they close down for good - but who knows? Their closure date has been delayed so many times, maybe they'll just stay open. More people need to stop by and check it out, in any case.

Will you be heading to the Giggle Box now that it's extending its run through March?

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