The world was a different place back in March. We could still go to movies and concerts, eating at a restaurant was just a normal thing we did, the whole mask or no mask debate wasn't even on our radar, and The Giggle Box was just opening the doors to their new location at Southgate Mall. What a difference four months can make.

The Giggle Box was briefly open before they were forced to close the doors because of the coronavirus. If you've spent any time at the mall, walked past the entrance to The Giggle Box, and wondered when you would be able to check it can now experience the interactive art museum as they've announced they're reopening beginning today.

I'm definitely looking forward to taking my five-and-a-half year old to see the sights and explore all The Giggle Box has to offer.  As a reminder, you need to book a time for your experience. Details about the reopening, sanitary measures, and more from The Giggle Box Facebook page are below.

Ladies and gents, it warms our little hearts to announce we will be opening our doors tomorrow July 8th with slightly more limited hours. We were only open for 5 days prior to the pandemic causing the closure of many local businesses. So we have been very anxious to say the least to open our beautiful doors once again. Our design is already established for social distancing to take place. We only allow six people to enter the museum at a time every fifteen minutes. We will also be stepping up our cleaning measures throughout the museum. Also, we will have hand sanitizer stations throughout our installations that we encourage all our patrons to utilize. So if your are looking for some safe and creative fun, look no further. The Giggle Box has got your back. Bookings now reopen at

Do you plan on checking out Missoula's new attraction at Southgate Mall?


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