Although it was rarely open, Missoula's Fox Club still managed to entertain us throughout the pandemic year. After March, they opened when they could, and even attempted a multi holiday fall party to make up for all of the special occasions we missed at our favorite club in Missoula, but stupid COVID came back with a vengeance.

Even though regularly scheduled entertainment wasn't happening inside the club, that didn't stop the witty crew at the Fox from making us double take every time we drove by on Brooks. They had clever takes on everything from stimulus checks to flattening the 'rona curve. They even received a request, more like a plea, from Missoula's Elections office, asking that they take down the "Pole-ing Place" marquee. Here at the station, we figure if you're stupid enough to 1) mistake the Fox Club for a place to legally and officially cast your ballot in a federal election, or B) don't know the difference between "pole" and "poll," you're doing America a favor by not voting.

We always say it's good luck to tip a dancer on New Year's Eve, we didn't do it last year and look what happened. And we're not going to be able to do it at the Fox this NYE, so you're gonna have to find a way to sneak a $5 into your lady's thong so we don't repeat the worst year ever. We're rooting for you. Here are some of our favorite Fox Club marquees of 2020 - thanks to them for keeping their sense of humor, and for giving us a reason to smile now and then.


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