Well, he got his gun taken away and branded a future risk, so I guess he's going to need a new hobby.

AP tells us that a man in Germany will be stripped by a court of his privileges of owning  firearms after he was accidentally shot by his own dog. Earlier appeals to pull his license and own a rifle were denied. Too bad, really. Accidents - no matter how weird or freaky - will happen, and apparently the guy is an avid hunter.

The man was shot in the arm after his dog was somehow able to release the trigger on a loaded rifle that was lying in the car. The German court - obviously a real tough crowd - said the guy was careless and likely would be careless again with the use of firearms in the future. Wow! That all sounds pretty harsh. You would think an incident like that would serve as a major wake-up call.

I'm pretty sure a Montana court would just require the dog to take a hunter's safety course.



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