I am very well aware of the fact that we have lots of incredible breweries surrounding and scattered throughout Western Montana. There are some top notch distilleries in our area as well. Although if you really want the best beverage to enjoy on a hot day I don't think alcohol will be included, the best decision you could make is to grab an Icee!

Most convenient stores in our area give you multiple choices as far as flavor of Icee, and I think the biggest selection might be found out in Bonner at the Town Pump. There are some standard flavors that you normally see like Red Cherry or Blue Raspberry, but sometimes it's nice to mix it up like when I tried the Strawberry Lemonade.

When it comes to Icee's I normally stick to one flavor, Coca Cola. Ever since I was a kid a Coca Cola Icee or Slurpee was a treat for me and it often brings back those great memories. Plus, who doesn't want a delicious Coke Icee on a hot day? Great, now on my way home I will have to stop and grab one.

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