What beers are Americans most loyal to? I will tell you right now guys in Montana are loyal to their beers.

Mike Pomranz of foodandwine.com ranked Americans loyalty to brews. You will notice by the list there are actually 12 beers which is due to some ties.

1. Coors

2. Corona

3. Yeungling (tie)

3. Samuel Adams (tie) – last year’s winner

4. Michelob

5. Budweiser

6. Dos Equis

7. Busch

8. Heineken

9. Stella Artois

9. Miller (tied)

10. Pabst

I have never had Yeungling... and I prefer micro-brews but actually will ANY of these on a hot summer day while fly fishing. I think this may change with the popularity of microbrews but this generation mainly had domestic big name brews.

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