The Band Perry is always entertaining onstage, and at the 2013 CMA Awards, they lit up the stage -- literally -- with their new single 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely.' 

Frontwoman Kimberly Perry looked as perfect as ever with a strapless white and gold dress and super high heels that accentuated her long legs. It takes someone really talented to sing perfectly in front of thousands of people, walk around in four inch heels, and still look completely confident, and she did it all in stride.

Her brothers were equally handsome in fitted cardigans and suit jackets, their signature styled hair looking tousled and cool.

But the songstress was the main spotlight stealer. Perry stood in the main spotlight, as her brothers stood more toward the back in the shadows, and since her vocals front the song, it made a lot of sense.

Toward the end TBP's 2013 CMAs set, fireworks went off in the background, sparking lots of applause and cheers from the audience. It was the perfect backdrop to the crescendo of their song, as they gave it their all vocally and the stage was lit up with the powerful pyro effects.

We know this to be true: you can never go wrong with a performance from the super talented trio.

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