The Band Perry singer Kimberly Perry and her husband, J.P. Arencibia, have a pair of adorable pups counting on them for food, water and exercise. Perry introduced Moose and Bear to fans via a photo on her Instagram page.

The two dogs appear to be Labrador Retrievers, but we can confirm they are adorable. The pup on the left is casting a hypnotizing stare into the camera while his sib sniffs the beige and white paisley chair they’re standing on, perhaps trying to decide if it’d make a good bed or place to relieve himself.

“@jparencibia44 and I would like to introduce u to our new kiddos,” Perry writes. “Ladies and Gents meet Moose and Bear.”

Arencibia and Perry married in June 2014 in Greenville, Tenn. They don’t have any (human) children together — both have careers that take them away from one another frequently. She’s the lead singer of a popular country band, he’s a Major League Baseball player currently with the Philadelphia Phillies organization.

Musically, the Band Perry bumped the release of their next studio album into 2016. They released one single to radio, a Top 30 pop-rocker called "Live Forever." It's not clear exactly when the trio will release a new single or the album. This Sunday, the Band Perry will perform during the Miss Universe pageant on Fox.

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