As someone who keeps pretty up-to-date on movies and who's showing what around town, I don't know how I missed this - for the last few weeks, The Badlander has been converting itself into a mini-movie theater every Friday night to show a different double feature every week, each with a different theme.

And their choices have been great! There was a Bad Movie Night a few weeks back with Dr. Blood's Coffin and Plan 9 From Outer Space, and last week was a Bruce Lee kung-fu action double feature with Fist of Fury and The Way of the Dragon. Again, how did I miss this?!

This week, the double features continue with a western theme - on Friday, they'll be showing The Grand Duel starring Lee Van Cleef and McClintock! with John Wayne. Seating is limited, and tables are spaced for social distancing - masks are required for entry and encouraged during the duration of the movie.

Moviegoers in Missoula have been a lot luckier than most of the country this year - we've had Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park all summer long, the Pharaohplex Theater in Hamilton opened their own drive-in, and The Roxy Theater here in town just unveiled The Roxy Garden. Now that actual movie theaters are finally set to reopen this week with a slate of new movies, it'll be interesting to see how quickly things get back to normal - or, if everything just ends up getting shut down again, because if there's one thing 2020 has taught us, it's that you can't plan on anything.

You can find more info about The Badlander's movie nights at their Facebook page - will you be checking them out?

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