A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by Noons at 540 E. Broadway today and dropped off food and cash donations. Craig & Al started broadcasting live from there at 6AM. Our goal was to collect as much food as we could for the Can the Cats food drive. It’s an annual event preceding the Griz Cat game every year.  The food is distributed to local food banks.


Fours later the truck bed was full. (Photo courtesy Kyle Stensrud)

We started with an empty Chevrolet Silverado from Karl Tyler (Thanks Sandi).  When we wrapped up at 10 AM the truck bed was full.

Overflow into back and front seats (Photo courtesy Kyle Stensrud)

The overflow went into the back seat and overflowed into the front seat. You guys are fantastic! Thank you!  Thanks also to Kyle, Earl, Lisa, Meaghan and Dan from Noons.

Don’t forget you can drop off food all next week at any Noons store around Missoula. Let’s Can the Cats.