When I was new to town and found a place to live, the guy I rent from said I could do whatever I wanted to the trees, shrubs, and bushes that were around the house. It looked like it had been a while since anyone had done some chopping so I went a bit crazy. After a couple hours I loaded up all of the branches and clippings and made an almost $30 dump run. I felt pretty good about all my hard work until my landlord told me I was a fool and I could have dumped it all at Garden City Compost for $7 - and it also happened to be a much shorter trip from my house.

It goes without saying, that since then, every trip I've made to dispose of yard waste has been a $7 (or free) trip to Garden City Compost. If you've never been, it's really affordable and it's open year-round Monday - Saturday. Check out their pricing details below:

Wood Chips - per 10 cubic yards - $7.00
Sawdust (no animal waste) - any amount - No Cost

Wood, Brush, or Yard Waste
Pick-up Truck - $7.00
Small trailer, 8 foot or less - $7.00
Large trailer, 8 foot or greater - $15.00
Dump truck - $15.00
Semi-trailer - $50.00
Bags- $1.00/bag up to 3 bags

We've starting to see some spring weather and that might find you tackling some projects around the yard. In addition to dropping off your yard waste you can also get products to help spruce up your place a bit - like top soil, compost, and topdressing.

We're teaming with Garden City Compost to give away a free cubic yard of lawn topdressing and a free bag (cubic yard) of potting soil to random winners that text us using the KYSS mobile app.

Message us the word GARDEN and we'll pick random winners throughout the month of April. In all, we'll select 20 winners and each will receive one cubic yard of topdressing and one cubic yard of potting soil.

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We'll save you almost $100 - prices and descriptions of the products you'll receive are below.

$35 per cubic yard

Lawn topdressing is screened down to half the size of our Class A compost to 3/16". Great for placing organics and nutrients directly into your turf, lawn, and yard.

Premium Potting Soil
$65 per cubic yard

Back by popular demand! Our premium potting soil is a mix of Class A Compost, Mulch, Peat Moss from Peaco in Big Fork, and Perlite sourced from Idaho.

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