You know the saying teach a man to fish and he'll feed himself for a lifetime? Well I tried and let's just say the lifetime is going to be pretty short cause we will most likely starve to death.

My friend wanted to go out fly fishing and was really into getting some waders and boots so we decided to go wade fishing. I normally don't teach anyone to fly fish, I have taken a girlfriend out and one really good friend once. I don't claim to be amazing at fly fishing although I do it often but I do know what I am doing. I find that most men are wanting to go fly fishing for my company not for the actual fly fishing but that wasn't the case here so I decided to take Ben out and show him some casting.

I didn't realize how difficult men can be, stubborn and full of pride.

His reel drag was a bit tough and hard to learn with but he didn't seem to mind learning on it. Although it was hard to watch him struggle with it when I had a rod he could use but didn't want to cause it wasn't his. Men are so funny like that. He didn't take much direction from me, wasn't into me showing him too much but he actually didn't do too bad and I think was getting the concept down by the end.

I took him to an area so he could learn to cast without a lot of obstruction behind him. It wasn't that great of a spot to fly fish right now but it had some open areas. Next time I think I'll just stick to fishing not showing.

We actually really had a great time and hope we can continue to get out.


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