Though the year is still alive and kicking, rumors have already begun churning about hot happenings that may take place in 2012 — for instance, Taylor Swift‘s Vogue cover. According to talk around the web, the 22-year-old singer is said to be the face of the February issue.

It was initially believed that Swift would be taking the coveted spot on the magazine’s March style issue, which is essentially one of the ‘it’ cover spots of the fashion world. However, one source seems to have uncovered that British pop superstar Adele will be filling that role, leaving February wide open for the ‘Ours’ hitmaker’s face.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by Swift’s camp, it would be a big achievement for her to snag a Vogue cover — and a nice icing on her 2011 cake. This year, Taylor Swift won the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year honor as well as Billboard’s Woman of the Year title, got a nod for being one of the most well-mannered celebrities, was nominated for seven 2011 Taste of Country Awards … and that’s not counting the piles of awards she added to her trophy shelf for her 2010 album ‘Speak Now,’ which was a smash success on the charts.

Somehow, we think Swift can expect 2012 to be another big one, Vogue or no Vogue.

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