Taylor Swift has the heart of a giver, as evidenced by her charitable acts as of late. When a big fan spotted the star in New York City's Central Park, she didn't just get a photo with the 'Red' singer -- she also got some birthday money!

On July 24, the singer was apparently doing an interview in the park, right next to a serene pond. A Swiftie and her friends rowed by, quickly realizing the superstar was sitting there. Swift and her security helped the fan out of her watercraft just so she could get a beaming picture with her favorite star.

But that wasn't all she got. When Swift found out that it was the girl's birthday -- and that they were going to Chipotle for lunch in celebration -- she had to contribute to the cause. The starlet pulled $90 cash from her bright yellow purse, handing it to the fan so that she could enjoy a burrito ... or 10 ... on her.

Being genuine with her fans is something Swift lives to do. Recently, she dished some heartfelt dating advice to a girl in need, then played a private concert for a little boy in the hospital. Her relationship with fans is, as Swift calls it, a "love affair," and definitely not a one-sided relationship.

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