You could say that Taylor Swift's "thing" is making dreams come true for her biggest fans. So when the "Style" singer heard about a pre-teen battling cancer via social media and, she gave the young girl a call to tell her that she's rooting for her.

On Wednesday night (April 29), Emily Beazley answered the phone to find her favorite star on the other end of the line. The 12-year-old is surrounded by supporters who call themselves Emily's Entourage, and they all rallied together to help get Swift's attention on social media — and it worked!

Emily is battling an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is fighting for her life. The details of her phone call with Swift — whose own mom was recently diagnosed with a form of cancer — were posted to Facebook by Beazley's mom, according to Chicago's WGNTV. The phone call is said to have lasted roughly 10 minutes, and achieved Swift's goal of lifting Beazley's spirits.

"I cannot thank all of you and your efforts that you are all making to reach Taylor Swift. Taylor called Emily Beazley! She just got off the phone with her," the girl's mom writes. "She couldn't have been nicer. Emily has a smile from ear to ear! Thank you thank you thank you!"

Emily's Entourage didn't just get Swift to call the brave Beazley, they also transformed parts of their city of Chicago in the pre-teen's name. That included streets of green and purple to honor her, the Chicago Tribune says. One block was even dubbed the honorary Emily Beazley Avenue.

Swift may not be able to cure Beazley's cancer, but she did help to keep the girl's engine going while she battles the disease. Our best to Emily and her whole entourage!

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