As different as night and day, two shelter cats have found a new home at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds office. Melissa Saville said the staff named them after the movie characters Tango and Cash (Kurt Russell and Sly Stallone) and their personalities are as different, too. While one will come on up onto the counter and greet you, hoping you'll scratch under its collar, the other is more laid back and watchful. Adopted from the Bitterroot Animal Shelter, (about a block away from the fairgrounds office), the full-grown felines have made themselves at home.

The two cats can sometimes be seen staring out the window at the fairgrounds' resident roaming rabbits. There might even be a bit of drool dripping from the cats' mouths. That's a main reason for the new sign on the front door of the office, advising you to not let the cats out - "No matter what they say!" Welcome to public life, Tango and Cash.

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