Want a peek at what Missoula International Airport will look like after the $67 million construction project?

This is pretty cool.  You can see what the finished product aims to look like when you take a virtual reality tour.  The VR technology brings the designs to life and allows us to get a feel for what the future of the airport will look like.


And you don’t need a VR headset to view the 3D designs - you can see them on your smartphone or computer.

Brandon Prizing is an architect with A&E Architect.  He says, "When you put on that headset you really understand spatially how it's going to feel. It's not reality. It's still a design or illustration of what the airport could be, but it’s a really cool way to be in that space".

Take a tour!  Just click the links to view the 3D designs of:
New bar and restaurant

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