Nikki West

Idaho’s Ultimate Dog Lover Airbnb is a Must Stay
I am a massive dog lover, but clearly not the biggest dog lover in the state of Idaho. Nope that award goes to Frances and Dennis who have constructed this home that perfectly resembles a Beagle dog. You can stay in this one of a kind pup palace.
No More Mr. Potato Head
Did you play with a Mr. Potato Head growing up? Maybe your kids has one of the character theme ones that started coming out in the early 2000s. The classic toy has been around for decades upon decades, (more about the starting and history below). Since it's start Mr. Potato Head has gone throug…
Nude LeAnn Rimes Shows Vulnerable Side on Instagram
LeAnn Rimes is going all natural... Before you get too excited gents, she is not doing this to be sexy. It turns out LeAnn has suffered from Psoriasis since she was 2. She decided to help others suffering by showing they are not alone. The nude photos show red psoriasis blotches covering her back, s…