What’s in Your Shed?
This summer I have slowly been trying to de-clutter my house and garage. My grand plan is to have a huge garage sale at the end of the summer when I’ve been through everything we own and deciphered if it is worthy enough to take up space in our lives.
13 Unusual Uses for Vinegar
Just recently I have started using white distilled vinegar to clean my kitchen countertops. I had always heard rumors that vinegar could be used for this and so much more, but was never sure if they were true. Much to my surprise and delight, I have found that everything I have tried works...
It’s On Right Now
That's right it's official 4/3/2012 is the first day of spring street cleaning in Missoula. It's unconfirmed at this time but we had heard that Mayor Engen would be throwing out the first dustpan and broom. Street  Superintendent  Brian Hensel would be assisting...