"Tacos are the answer...It doesn't matter what the question is." It is one food that can satisfy just about anyone. When your hungry, and someone hands you a taco, it is gone within seconds. Just like Jello, there always seems to be room for a taco. That is why opening a taco stand is not a terrible idea. Who can resist munching on a taco?

That is why the Taco Guy, Edgar Cisneros, chose to bring authentic street tacos to the Farmers Market in Missoula.

According to KPAX

Six months ago Cisneros moved to Missoula from Houston, Texas where he was born and raised out of a desire to find a slower pace of life.

As he made friends, he found himself cooking for them. Then a light bulb went off—he could bring his culture and culinary creations to the greater community. So he started Taco Guy.

Some tacos have chipotle peppers. Some have poblano. But all tacos have to have lime.

Taco Guy's tacos are quickly gaining popularity. So much so, that Cisneros is considering operating full time.

He told KPAX "Sometimes I don't get a lot of sleep, but it's worth it to see the smiles on people's faces when I serve food.”

For now, you can expect to see him again at the Farmers Market on August 21st. Missoula's Farmers Market is held every Saturday thru Mid-October and Tuesdays 5:30 til 7p thru September.


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