Even though it's signal only covers a parking lot and half a city block on South Reserve Street, this is a pretty spicy little radio station!

I was craving something spicy for lunch today so went up the road to Taco Johns.  While waiting in the drive-thru line I noticed some funny call letters on a sign perched on top of a garbage next to me.  KGAS...haha!

So I tuned my radio to 99.3 FM to check it out and what do you know, Mexican Fiesta music!  Those kind of tunes are not something I'm into unless a vacation takes me down to Cabo, and then only after a few cervezas.   But I'll tell ya what, I found myself enjoying it while sitting there in the parking lot getting my grub on with something called a "Grilled Taco."

I don't know if this is the only restaurant in town with it's own radio station, but good on Taco Johns for offering customers a unique experience in the drive-thru!

Hmm...do you think they take requests?