A Missoula clothing company called ‘My Montana Roots by Wear Your Roots Clothing’ (WYR) has teamed up with MCPS & the Missoula Food Bank to help ensure that everyone, especially school children in Missoula & the surrounding areas has enough to eat during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Owner of ‘Wear Your Roots’ clothing Brandon Slocum described the fundraising effort,

“We teamed up with the public schools and the Missoula Food Bank to create a t-shirt that would help give back to the youth in need and their families,” said Slocum. “We’re working with the schools and the Food Bank to help out any way we can.”

Slocum provided a brief description of his company and its history.

“Our business is called ‘Wear Your Roots’, that’s WYR,” he said. “We started here in Missoula, just two local kids, me and Aaron Sipe, and we’ve been going for about 10 and a half years putting out cool products for people who are proud to their state and where they’re from.”

Slocum said the fundraising t-shirt was specially designed to support the schools and the food bank.

“The new shirt we came up with says ‘Missoula’ with the mountains and ‘Rooting for the Future’, and that’s what we’re calling this fundraising campaign,” he said. “50 percent of all the proceeds from any shirt purchased or hat or decal will go directly to Missoula Public Schools and the Missoula Food Bank, and they’ll use that money the best way they can and we’ll try to get some people fed.”

Slocum said the t-shirts are priced at $25, the hats are $30 and the decals are priced at $5. Four dollars of every decal will go to the schools and food bank. In addition, decals will be on sale at Zip Trip and Diamond Bar Meats.

T-shirts can be purchased online at Montana Roots.com slash Rooting for our Future.

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