The Sunday, October 18, COVID-19 report from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services in Helena showed a mid-morning total of 588 new positive tests, with 9,139 active cases in the state, which is up from 8,598 Saturday. Those in the hospital also went up from Saturday's 324 to Sunday's 331 people requiring hospital care in an already overwhelmed medical system in Montana. And, one more death has been recorded as of Sunday morning, bringing to 241 the people who have died from complications of COVID-19.

A few of the counties with large lists in the October 18 report: Yellowstone with 127 new cases, Flathead - 80 cases, Gallatin - 57, Silver Bow - 44, Hill - 44, Missoula - 32, Lewis & Clark - 33, Big Horn - 18, Cascade - 18, Valley - 16, Deer Lodge - 15, Richland - 14.

Health officials recommend you get your annual flu shot -don't wait. Those over the age of 60 should get the extra strength flu shot. Also, the daily advice - Wash your hands, Wear the mask, and Watch your social distancing (stay away from large crowds).

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