Just this past weekend, I got a chance to go and enjoy some time on the river. It is something that we all find ourselves doing when the temperatures start to rise. The 90 degree temperatures can quickly be defeated with a quick dip in the 60 degree water. Not to mention the fun in the sun, the fishing or even just floating along with the current.

As I was sitting on the banks of the Bitterroot River, I was thinking about some of the trouble I have gotten into on the river in the past. Things like the few times I found myself upside down in an eddy, searching for my lost sunglasses. Or making a human chain across the river, to retrieve all the beer that just fell out of the cooler. There was also the time I trusted the tree and rope could hold 280 lbs of sexy beast, only to send me flailing and crashing like a dead duck. Or even the time that my tube popped halfway thru the float and I decided to swim the rest of the way.

But, it is all part of the fun of hanging out on the river. Take it from some of the people in the following FAIL ARMY video. Watch as others feel my pain on the rope swing, while some donate everything from phones to skateboards to the river. And, even people who lost their pickups to the mighty current.

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