Hot temperatures have finally arrived. It has been a rather mild summer so far. But, the summer heat has made itself known. And we have only just begun. The temperatures are expected to be in the mid to upper 90s though the weekend. Temps are expected to drop into the mid 80s by the start of next week. You know what that means? That means it is going to get sticky. You are going to be chugging water and searching for any opportunity to jump in the river. It is going to be a week where you find your self waking up at dawn just to close the windows in your house, and hopefully trap what little cool air you got inside your house.

If you are like me, you don't have a $100 bill to throw at a crappy air conditioner. Even people selling used air conditioners online are price gouging for what crap they have to offer. Fans alone just never seem to do the trick in late July. Every summer I find myself half naked with a water spray bottle, sitting in front of a fan. Just spraying myself, enjoying the few seconds of cool breeze, then back to being hot and miserable. Not this year. Im taking on an exciting DIY project, that will cool off whatever room I want for less than $20. All it takes is a couple items from the local hardware store, and you will be escaping the heat with your own icy breeze.

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