Growing up, I would always hear stories of a group of "little people" who lived in certain areas of the National Forest. The stories would describe them almost like a community of leprechauns. Mischievous creatures that would steal your elk or deer, if you shot one. They lived in an area of the timber that we would call the "Enchanted Forest." We called it this because it was a part of the mountain that had an unusual vibe, and weirdly shaped trees. Almost as if that part of the mountain was a natural vortex. Now, I cannot say I ever witnessed these "little people," but it is definitely strange when you are hiking through that portion of the mountain. Granted it is all part of a legend that people share in other places and different forests all over the world.

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The same goes for the mythical unicorn. You don't think you are ever going to see a horse with a singular horn. But, you still keep an open mind to the possibility of it. What if you were walking through the forest and you came across an elk with a singular horn growing out of his head? Would you consider that a unicorn?

My pal Andrew shared with me a photo of his successful elk hunt this past weekend. He was in a part of Idaho where it is legal to harvest spike elk. As he was mainly looking to fill the freezer, the thought of passing up a young bull was silly. Especially when he laid his eyes on this freakish bull.


This odd fellow seems to have a horn growing straight out of his forehead. Granted it is not a singular antler, as the other antler looks to be growing off the side of his head. But how did this happen? Andrew said, upon further inspection, that his antler cap had broken at some point in the bull's life. It was just a huge chunk of bone detached from the skull. That antler plate still grew an antler, but just in a different location than nature intended.

Have you ever seen any weird antler growth on elk or deer? It is not a rare sighting to see odd-looking bulls and bucks. Some are just weirder than others.

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