With 4th of July weekend activities upon us, it's a good time to get updates and reminders from the Lolo National Forest and DNRC.

Recent storms have caused an uptick in initial attack and suppression operations in the Lolo National Forest and Department of Natural Resources and Conservation protection areas. Just since Monday, firefighters have responded to four lightning wildfires and one human-caused wildfire. While activities have increased, fuels are still fairly 'green' and holding moisture, enabling firefighters to quickly catch and contain, thus far all under three acres in size. And with the lightning came adequate rain to help keep things under control as well.

But warmer and dry conditions are coming this weekend. The Lolo National Forest and DNRC have some basic requests for you to keep in mind as you're enjoying the great outdoors:

IF YOU SEE SMOKE REPORT IT.   Smoke sightings may be reported to 9-1-1 or to the Missoula Interagency Dispatch Center, 406-829-7070.

FIREWORKS ARE PROHIBITED ON ALL STATE AND FEDERAL CLASSIFIED FOREST LANDS.  Fireworks are also prohibited inside Missoula city limits.

BE VIGILANT AND CAUTIOUS WITH CAMPFIRES.  Along those lines, never leave children unsupervised around any type of fire.

DEBRIS BURNING IS CLOSED.  Fire officials with Missoula County Fire Protection Association have restricted outdoor burning as of Tuesday, July 2.

You know the drill, folks. Thanks for doing your part.


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