I was just having the conversation with my five-and-a-half year-old yesterday about possibly visiting one of Missoula's splash decks this week to have a little fun with the nice weather. If you're not familiar, splash decks are the areas for water play that are located throughout the parks in town. Just thought I would clarify that since I had never actually heard them referred to as that until moving to Missoula. I told my daughter that I'm pretty sure they just opened last week or they would be opening today (6/22.) It looks like I'll be breaking the bummer news when I get home - fingers crossed she doesn't plan on meeting me at the door with her swimsuit on and a towel in hand.

Missoula Parks and Recreation had previously stated that splash decks would become active and ready for use on June 19th. But now, the opening date has been pushed back and is still up in the air. A KPAX article lays out the details that because splash decks fall under swimming pool regulations with phase 2 of Montana's reopening, there would need to be staff on hand to make sure there isn't more than 50 people using the services at one time. Of course, the splash decks around Missoula aren't staffed at any time during the year that they're open.

On one hand, I guess I can see the point. On the other hand, I don't know that I've ever seen that many people attempting to use a single splash deck at one time. I guess if you're looking to beat the heat this week you can do it at Splash Montana and Currents Aquatics Center. They both opened for recreation swim today - although both places include changes to operations including the need to make reservations.

With the opening of splash decks still TBA, you can continue to monitor the Missoula Parks and Rec website HERE for updated information.

The announcement of an opening date for splash decks at Bonner, Franklin, Westside, Marilyn, Southside Lions and Sacajawea Parks are expected in the coming weeks.

Here's the official word from the Parks & Rec website:

What about spray decks and splash pools?
Updated June 17, 2020: The state Department of Public Health and Human Services notified Missoula officials on June 16 that access to spray decks and splash pools must be is limited to 50 people at one time and additional, more stringent swimming pool regulations apply. Parks and Recreation is currently researching ways to limit access to these outdoor facilities and staff each pool in order to comply with State and County directives. The splash deck opening date is to be announced. We understand that spray decks and splash pools are very important to our community and we are doing everything we can to open them as soon as possible.

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