I don't want to be a Debby Downer with that headline above. But it's something to think about as so many people have trees in the house this time of year.

We have a tiny little Christmas tree in my young daughter's room. Since we put out the decorations this year she's wanted to have it plugged in and lit up as she falls asleep every night. It's a fake tree but I'm still overly careful about making sure it doesn't stay on all night. The odds of anything catching fire are probably very low - but there's always that voice in the back of my head that keeps throwing out the worst "what if" scenarios.

I was reading this NBC MONTANA article today and the opening sentence was an attention grabber: "Christmas tree fires aren't common, but according to the National Fire Prevention Association, they are the deadliest house fire." Wow, that's some pretty scary stuff. But it makes sense when you think about how dry a Christmas tree gets and how easily it could go up in flames.

The article referenced above has some thoughts from Bozeman Fire Chief Josh Waldo when it comes to avoiding dangers with your Christmas tree: “There’s going to be a point when it’s time to recycle that tree and move it on. "If you’ve got lights on that tree -- which almost everybody does -- don't leave those plugged up when you're gone. You never know if those lights are going to create too much heat on your trees. You know that's kind of a bad mix that we don't want there. Make sure that the trees are not close to the fireplace, wood stove or anything that puts off heat. At least three feet minimum."

Even with regular watering your tree will eventually become too much of a risk and should be removed to avoid becoming a fire hazard. Check out the video below for some fire prevention tips when it comes to having a Christmas tree in the house.

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