The talk around Missoula the last few days was definitely focused on whether we would be required to wear masks in businesses or not. You don't have to go very far to find people in support of both sides of the argument. Of course, the decision was made yesterday for masks to be worn in all businesses licensed by the city and for all establishments inspected by the City County Health Department.

Even if masks weren't required by the new ordinance in Missoula, we're starting to see individual companies make them mandatory. I was at a brewery in town last weekend and they required you to have a mask to go from the front door to your table. Although you removed it to eat or drink, you were asked to wear the mask again as you left the building. I've also stopped into REI a couple times and they've been requiring one as well. AMC Theaters plan to open at the end of July and have announced they'll require masks when they do.

I feel like Starbucks baristas were one of the first groups of people I started to see wear masks regularly. And it makes sense with them serving person after person all day and having to interact those that aren't wearing masks. Starbucks is taking it to the next level and they've announced that they'll require customers to wear a facial mask or cover beginning next week (July 15.)

Starbucks released the following statement:

“The company is committed to playing a constructive role in supporting health and government officials as they work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. It is our responsibility to protect our partners and comply with local public health mandates. As such, our partners have the right and responsibility to refuse service to customers who are not wearing facial coverings.”

If you need your coffee fix but are still against the idea of wearing a mask - at least there's still the option of using the Starbucks drive thru.


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