After a year without celebrating the traditional 4th of July holiday, Southgate Mall will once again host its popular celebration.

KGVO spoke with Southgate Mall Manager and Goodwill Ambassador Tim Winger this week about this year’s Independence Day celebration.

“We are we absolutely (having the celebration),” said Winger. “Our city band will be there, and fireworks that will start at about 10:30 p.m. We will have food trucks, and there'll be all kinds of things going on. It'll be like it was a couple years ago. It'll be a regular event and at this point we don't anticipate restrictions.”

On another subject, Winger said Southgate Mall will be hosting an employment expo later in the summer.

“We have been working with and talking to a lot of different businesses over the last six months and it became apparent that the labor shortage was something that was a running theme with a lot of different businesses inside the mall and outside the mall with other people that I work with and interact with,” he said.

Winger said that once Governor Gianforte put a stop to extra unemployment benefits, it became clear that local businesses needed a forum to help find new employees.

“When the legislation came through regarding the unemployment benefits, we thought it would be a good time, and many businesses have already signed up and agreed that this is a timely and good idea to have an Employment Expo and we are going to hold it on July 15th from 12:00 noon to 6:30 p. m.”

Winger said there are already several different businesses and employers that will have displays at the employment expo.

“At this point we have medical; we have industrial; we have manufacturing; we have health care; we have municipalities and school districts, so we have a quite a range of participants so far.”

Any business that wants to be a part of the employment expo should contact Southgate Mall at 721-5140.


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